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Hello fellow Oregon CRNA’s,

As we welcome the new year, we again will prepare for another spring conference being held in Bend. This issue is packed with many pictures and articles reminiscing last years accomplishments, but it also has a lot of positive news for the future of our profession. Steve Yermal writes of the vision our association has and of the plan that has been laid forth with our new slogan of ‘Reenergizing and Revitalizing’. In our regional directors report Dan Simonson has very exciting news that in recent months has given CRNAS good press through the release of three very important studies. Jo Bell, our lobbyist writes of the recent legislative session and difficulties our state faces with budget shortfalls. ORANA celebrated 75 years and with that Yuri Chavez was recognized with a much deserved award in the Mary Diggles Award for his efforts in helping to define the current scope of practice for Oregon CRNAs by passing SB-112 which allowed Oregon to become the 14th opt-out state. Gabe Aron writes of the PAC’s successful fundraising. Then we have OHSU reports from Kristen Stephenson and Stephen Yermal.

May the next 75 years for CRNA’s in Oregon be more successful and more influential than the last, I believe it will. I want to thank the BOD and officers for allowing me to edit the newsletter for the last 5 years, it was a great honor and because of it I have met many amazing practitioners. This will be my last, I am going to pass the torch to someone with a different perspective and fresh ideas. Again, thank you to all CRNA’s in Oregon. We truly have a great association!

Isaac Kobzeff
ORANA CRNA Editor-in-Chief